Birds of Mahale Mountains National Park

  After landing on the shore of Kasiha, and you walk on the observation path 
for chimpanzees to Kansyana Camp, you may see many different kinds of birds as 
you pass through from place to place according to different vegetation types. 
By the shore there are bushes of reed, small swamps and fields. There you can 
see many grassland species such as the red-coilared widowbirds (Euplectes 
ardens). In stands of oil palm, the former site of Kasiha Village, you may 
see speckled mousebirds (Colius striatus) making their nests. As you 
look up to Mt. Nkungwe ahead, a crowned eagle (Stephanoetus coronatus), 
bee-eaters (Merops spp.) or rollers (Coracias spp.) may come into 
  As you enter the gallery forests along Kansyana Valley, if you are lucky 
enough, you can see a large group of crested guineafowl (Guttera 
edouardi). Ross's turaco (Mussophaga rossae), a very vivid colored 
bird, also lives in the tree tops here. There are many other woodland birds, 
and in the early morning or in the evening, you can hear the beautiful song of 
a white-browed robin chat (Cossypha heuglini).
  If you are not too tired, climb the steep slope east of Kansyana Camp. 
Species such as redwing starlings (Onychognathus morio) and 
violet-backed starlings (Clinnyricinclus leucogaster) live in the 
mountainous forests but not in flatter areas near the lake.
  The avifauna of Mahale has not been investigated in detail. Why don't you 
join us in making a checklist of Mahale birds!

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