Guidelines to Visitors Who Observe Chimpanzees
at Mahale Mountains National Park

  Chimpanzees are our close relatives, sharing almost diseases with us. 
Therefore, the risk of transmitting diseases is possible, and chimpanzees are 
victims more often than the other way round. They are not accustomed to noisy 
and crowded situations. Chimpanzees, adult males in particular, are also 
dangerous animals who are 2-3 times stronger than humans. Visitors observe 
chimpanzees at their own risk.

1. The number of visitors is preferably less than five, not larger than 10 
   people at a time
2. A visitor should not stay with chimpanzees for longer than an hour
3. The number of visitor groups should not be greater than 4 in a day
4. No visitor suffering from diseases is allowed to visit chimpanzees
5. Visitors should do their best to stay at least 10 meters away from 
6. Visitors should refrain from any actions which might frighten chimpanzees
   Touching them is prohibited
7. No visitor is allowed to give food to chimpanzees
8. No visitor is allowed to eat or display food in front of chimpanzees

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