Chronology of Conservation
and Management Efforts at Mahale

1965:	Beginning of Research by KUAPE (Kyoto University Africa Primatological 
Expedition / Kyoto University Ape Expedition to Africa) 1967: Petition to Wildlife Division (J.C.S.Capon) by T.Nishida to establish a
game reserve in Mahale 1973: Petition to Wildlife Division (S.Jingu) by J. Itani & T.Nishida to
establish a game reserve in Mahale 1974: The Government's request to Japan to send JICA experts to Mahale for
basic research of chimpanzee ecology 1975: Beginning of JICA project implemented by Wildlife Division
Prohibition of field fire within the study area 1979: Establishment of the Mahale MOuntains Wildlife Research Centre as one
of the research centres under TAWIRI (formerly SWRI)
Arrival of the first acting director of MMWRC (E.Tarimo) 1980: Prohibition of residence within the proposed national park and
demolishment of village houses 1985: Designation of Mahale Mountains National Park 1988: Discontinuation of the JICA project 1989: Arrival of the first park warden from TANAPA (A.H.Seki) 1994: Resumption of the JICA project
Establishment of the Mahale Wildlife Conservation Society

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