The Purposes of Chimpanzee Research

  As one of the animals most closely related with human beings, research 
of wild chimpanzees teaches us "man's place in nature".
  Human beings have been proud of themselves for being unique and regard all 
other species as "animals" that they can exploit for their own benefit. 
However,chimpanzees and other animals are also unique, having their own 
right of survival. Chimpanzees teach us this important fact by showing 
human-like behavior patterns such as hunting, tool-using, medicinal use of 
plants, social intelligence, lethal raiding and many other activities.
  Academically, chimpanzees research should provide us with key information 
that is relevant to reconstructing the social life of early man. With 
this in mind, we are studying the natural history of chimpanzees to know the 
adaptive significance of their behavior.
  Our study is very detailed and has elucidated that of chimpanzee 
behavior which differ from population to population. They are cultural 
animals. Our study has been continuing for three decades now and should be 
continued for a few more, because long-term demographic data  cannot be 
obtained readily elsewhere.
  As chimpanzees are a precious resource of Tanzania and the world over, we 
hope that our knowledge of chimpanzees will contribute to the conservation of this species. Eco-tourism is another important activity that 
helps both conservation and the national revenue.

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