Vegetation of the Mahale Mountains

  The Mahale Mountains support vegetation which is particularly rich in species 
and varied in community types. The vegetation can tentatively be divided into 
the following 14types.

  A-1. Alpine bamboo (Arundinaria) forest
  A-2. Montane forest
  A-3. Low-altitude forest or gallery forest
  B-1. Brachystegia woodland
  B-2. Diplorhynchus-Pterocarpus woodland
  B-3. Uapaca-Pericopsis-Stereospermum woodland
  B-4. Uapaca woodland
  B-5. Acacia savanna
  B-6. Solid-stemmed bamboo (Oxytenanthera) savanna
  B-7. Terminalia savanna
  B-8. Protea-Ricinodendron montane savanna
  B-9. Dombeya-Erythrina montane savanna
  B-10. Montane bushland
  C-1. Montane grassland

  In addition, other types of various secondary stages caused chiefly by human 
disturbance are scattered throughout the park especially in types A-2 and A-3. 

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