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OISHI Takanori M.Sc.(Kyoto University, 2003)

Present Status

Doctral Course Student in Biological Anthropology

Research Interests:

Biological basis for Sociality and Culture in Human being; Bio-Cultural and Bio-Social Interactions between Human Population and Ecological Environment in African Tropical Rain Forest; Socio-ecology of Immigration/Resettlement Process in Forest dwelling Bantu Societies in Central African Forests; The Distribution, Origin and Transmission of Fishing Culture in Inland Central Africa and its implication for Expansion History of Bantu people in central Africa

History of Field Research in Overseas:

2002.Jan.-Mar.      Boumba=Ngoko District, The East Province, Republic of Cameroon, AFRICA

2002.Jul.-Dec.      same as above

2003.Dec.-2004.Aug.    same as above

Academic Societies presently associated:

The Society for Ecological Anthropology(Japan), Japan Association for African Studies, The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology

Contact Address:

Mr. OISHI Takanori

c/o Laboratory of Human Evolution Studies,

Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science,

Kyoto University, Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan

E-mail: takanori + @ +

Tel. +81-75-753-4085 Fax. +81-75-753-4115

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